Come early fall, you’ll be able to experience living on island time right in downtown Frederick! Located on North Market Street, Coco Cabana is a new island grill and rum bar that’s destined to make you feel like you’re on vacation – giving a whole new meaning to “lazy Sundays”.

Here’s what the owner, Kolby Cregger, had to say when I asked about the story behind Coco Cabana and what we can expect when it opens this fall…

What inspired you to come up with this fresh new concept of bringing an Island Grill to the Frederick restaurant scene?

“We, the owners Neel, Vic, and myself (Kolby), wanted to come up with something different. Frederick is a great place with, in our opinion, a lot of similar styles of restaurants. We already own and run Taco Daddy, which is unique from anything else downtown. We wanted to build on what we know: how to stand out in a crowd and make it better and different.

We really lean towards “themed” restaurants because it puts our creativity to the test. With themed restaurants, you can do all these cool things, but they have to tie back the theme – otherwise it doesn’t work. Where if we did, for instance, a pizza place… the drink and food menu don’t have to tie into the theme as long as you have pizzas of some sort. It honestly makes the job harder, but by far, much more rewarding.”

How’d you come up with the name “Coco Cabana” ?

“One day, Neel went to this place in Virginia that had an amazing outdoor patio with huge gazebos. He sent Vic and I a photo of it and said we should do something similar to this. And from that, we got the idea for cabanas in our patio section. With this, we think Coco Cabana just makes sense for the name!”

When customers begin coming into your restaurant, are there any food or drink recommendations you’d like to suggest?

“Many people know our sister restaurant, Taco Daddy, as having a great Tequila and Bar program with food as second to that. We’ve tried really hard with this new project to balance the scales a little more – making it more oriented towards families. 

Taking our food to the next level, we’ll be having tuna steaks, flatbreads, fried plantains, and other American-Caribbean food on the menu. But we’re also very happy to share that we’ll have a great rum program too! With this, we’ll feature over 20 different rums and shift our focus to Tiki and Tropical drinks – which ties perfectly into the family friendly vacation vibes we’re going for.”

What do you anticipate will be the most popular item on the menu?

“I think our flatbreads will really take off. Frederick seems to LOVE pizza, so finding a unique way to twist that and make delicious flatbreads will fit into our theme nicely. For drinks, I anticipate our daiquiri bar to be a big hit. We’ll have 2 – 4 giant frozen daiquiri machines where we plan to change the flavors on a weekly basis – there’s just no way that doesn’t take off!”

Kolby also shared with me that he’s most excited about the patio. They’ve completely redone it and have made it one of the best patios in Frederick – definitely a place you’ll want to have those “lazy Sundays at” with family and friends. 

And that’s not all… Coco Cabana also hired a local artist, Ron Layman, to paint an underwater mural in the bathroom hallway. While it’s still in progress at the moment, it’ll be quite the sight when it’s all said and done – Instagram selfie worthy for sure!

I love seeing unique restaurants take off like this and I’m excited to see what the future holds for Coco Cabana! Be sure to keep an eye on their website and Facebook page for any upcoming announcements. And, if you’d like to see your business featured next, contact me and let’s talk!