Did you know that it’s the little words that can make a big difference as to how powerful and persuasive your content is? Examine a piece of successful marketing copy, and you will realize that one word or two makes all the difference. The good news is that almost any word can become powerful – it just depends on how you use it.

Power words engage the emotions and the imagination in marketing. They indicate action and achievement, or they make people feel they’re right there with you. Whether you want to guide your visitors to read a blog post, opt into your email list, or click the “Buy Now” button on your landing page, using power words is one of the quickest and easiest ways to increase your conversion rates.

But instead of using the same power words that everyone else uses, put yourself in your customers’ shoes and ask yourself what words would have an impact on them. What emotions relate to the need your product is trying to address? When choosing the right power words for your content, remember to…

  • Build trust and credibility: Words like proven, research, and results give people a reason to believe your offer.
  • Inspire action: You probably know that Tony Robbins is the most in-demand life coach. People act on his advice. He uses words like change, opportunity, and responsibility.
  • Make them feel important: It can take a simple word such as surprise, secret, or special, to make your audience feel valued.

Just be sure that what you’re offering really can deliver on the promise your words imply! 

Where to Include Marketing Power Words and Phrases

Wondering where to add those powerful words that sell? Incorporate your marketing power words in these page elements:

Main headline: In a few seconds, a visitor is going to have a first impression about your landing page based on your headline. You can experiment with various headline formulas, but don’t forget to include words that sell.

Supporting headline: The supporting headline comes after the headline. Its role is to explain the main headline to convince visitors to read further or take action.

Video: A promotional video should include marketing words. Either add the power words in the script or the subtitle. 

Clear explanation in the body: Throughout the landing page, you write detailed descriptions about your offer. Your message should focus on clarity and delivering value. Anticipate your customers’ questions. 

Trust signals: Testimonials or numbers about your user base, followers, or subscribers help you build trust. Be sure to use testimonials and stats containing phrases with marketing power words!

Short copy above the sign-up form: Right above your form, write a sentence or two that would remind visitors of the reason they should sign-up.

Call-to-action button: Optimizing your CTA button copy has never been easier with attention-grabbing words. Here’s a useful tip: write in the active voice as this convinces the visitor to sign-up and act on your offer.

Of course, words are just one of the ingredients for creating a landing page that works. If you’re looking for the full package, I can put together a content strategy for you that sets you apart from your competitors!