Many business owners ask themselves this question on a daily basis. They’ve heard they should hire a copywriter, but don’t see the benefits of actually hiring one.

Did you know that your average visitor is only reading 20% of the words of any given page?

I would argue that every business needs a copywriter. It doesn’t matter if you’re solely online, have a brick and mortar shop, or both – every business has some form of sales material. Whether it’s landing pages, social media, brochures, blog posts, flyers, etc.

Good copywriters know how to position your product, service, and/or business to motivate your target audience to take action. They are able to quickly produce highly targeted content informed by an in-depth digital marketing strategy that drives conversions and ranks well in search engines.

Not convinced? Here are a few more reasons for why you should hire a copywriter… 

You’re too close to your business.

When you’re caught up in the daily operations of your business, it’s difficult to see the big picture and focus on the needs / priorities of your website traffic. 

More often than not, when writing for yourself, the content is often business focused as opposed to customer focused – leaning into business storytelling rather than customer priorities. An outsider looking in can be just what your business needs to communicate your most important selling points.

You’re not a copywriter.

A copywriter is skilled in word placement – if you put specific words together one way, it can entice a user to buy a product. Those same words put together in a different order can infuriate a potential buyer and cost money. 

If you’re not sure of your writing capabilities, it’s best to hire a copywriter to do the job for you. A copywriter will also have keyword skills, which helps your blog, article, or social media rank better than without those skills.

Your time is too valuable.

Quality writing takes time. When attempting to write your own copy, it can take three to four times longer than if a copywriter would have tackled it instead. 

When you hire a professional freelance copywriter, you hire someone who writes for a living. They know how to set up what you need, how to research information they need, and how to put the right words in the right places. 

Instead of wasting your own valuable time that could be better spent improving your company, you could hire a professional copywriter to quickly and easily get the job done for you.

Copywriters get to know you, as well as your competitors.

Copywriters are outsiders, so they know the importance of learning not only about your business, but also the business of your competitors. They are skilled in scoping out strengths and weaknesses and recognizing what works and what doesn’t work to develop an industry specific approach.

Copywriters know the value of good grammar. 

One of the many great reasons to hire a copywriter is that they can help anyone who may struggle with spelling or grammar. Receive peace of mind knowing you have a writer by your side who is able to give your audience the feelings you want to invoke without second-guessing your own efforts.

When working with Jen The Wordsmith, keep in mind that I don’t need to be an expert in your field to write like one. My process allows me to write effectively about any area of business or industry through conversations, research, in-depth content strategy, and my own experience / expertise. And of course, the message still belongs to you. An experienced copywriter helps you discover and produce your strongest possible marketing message!